January 20, 2011

Five Easy Fashion Resolutions for 2011

Do you have a resolution to be more fashionable in 2011? Here are five easy fashion goals, with tips on how to achieve all of them!

(This is a guest post for Shecky's, to see it on their website click here.)

1. Wear more color

Is your closet full of black, gray and other neutrals? Sounds like it's time to insert some color into your wardrobe! If you are unsure about a color one way to start is to buy a bottom like this red skirt, which keeps the color away from your face. Another tip: take baby steps. Pair your new colorful pieces with all neutrals and let that one colorful piece shine!

Navy blazer: Gap, $70
Shirt: TJ Maxx, $15
Skirt: The Unique Closet, $39.50
Shoes: Restricted/Endless.com, $39

Just like J:
Unique Closet skirt, $39.50
Restricted pumps, $34.99
Gap blazer, $98

2. Try a new shape

Are all of your tops v-necks and crewnecks? It could be time to try something new. A batwing sweater (shown here), a cowlneck, or a shawlneck are all flattering and fun options. And remember: if you are wearing a top with lots of volume, be sure to keep your bottom half slim with a skinny, bootcut or a straight-leg pant.

Sweater: The Unique Closet, $38
Jeans: Gap, $30
Boots: The Tannery (a Boston boutique)

Just like J:
Unique Closet sweater, $38
Lands End gray jeans, $23.99
Zappos boots, $99

3. Remix your closet

Trust me when I say that your closet is an untapped resource full of new outfits waiting to happen! This year, resolve to remix your wardrobe in new and different ways. Here, I show you three ways to wear a LBD: 1. With a turtleneck for extra coverage. 2. With a colorful jacket and tights. 3. Worn as a skirt with a blouse thrown over it. Have some fun in your closet this year!

Dress (throughout): The Unique Closet, $39.50
Necklace (throughout): JcPenney, $20
Turtleneck (first photo): Gap, $20
Pumps (first photo): Calvin Klein/Filene's Basement, $70
Blue jacket (second photo): Alice Temperely/Target, $40
Boots (second-fourth photos): Cynthia Rowley/TJ Maxx, $85
Striped shirt (third photo): TJ Maxx, $15

Just like J:
Unique Closet Strapless Dress, $39.50
JcPenney necklace, $24.99
Macy's turtleneck, $12

4. Wear more patterns

I used to think that I would get bored with patterns quickly so I never bought them. Now I'm realizing that they are really versatile and can be worn with many different outfits. Still not sure? Start with something easy with neutral colors and a pattern that's not too busy, such as the shirt here. Also, think of your patterned shirt as just another solid - a regular ivory shirt would also work in this outfit, but the addition of polka dots is even cuter!

Shirt: The Unique Closet, $36.50
Cardigan: Banana Republic, $35
Belt: Gap, $10
Jeans: Gap, $30
Shoes: Restricted/Endless.com, $39

Just like J:
Unique Closet shirt, $36.50
Gap cardigan in Dew Drop, $39.50
Lands End gray jeans, $23.99
Restricted pumps, $34.99

5. Have fun with accessories

The quickest and easiest way to update an outfit is to add some fun accessories. They are inexpensive and make a big difference. Without the leopard belt and necklaces in this photo, the outfit would be just another ho-hum collared shirt. Resolve to add some spice to your outfits this year with fun accessories!

Shirt: JCrew, $15
Jeans: Gap, $33
Belt: Urban Outfitters, $20
Boots: Aldo, $75
Diamond necklace: LOFT, $15
Fringe necklace: Stella & Dot

Just like J:
Ralph Lauren leopard belt, $24.99
Stella & Dot fringe necklace, $89
Gap cargo shirt, $59.50

Please note: the Unique Closet items featured in this post do not belong to me, they were borrowed for this post. All other items are my regular 'ole clothes.


  1. Hi, I just wanted to say that I've been using an app I have on my iPhone called My Style Fashion Assistant to keep up with everything I have in my closet. It is awesome! When I am shopping I can look in my phone and see everything I already have if I can't remember.

  2. I am wondering if those brown Restricted Pumps you provided a link for are comfortable? I see you wearing them in a lot of your photos and they look really versatile! Would love to hear back from you. Thanks!

    P.s. I'm very new to your site but I'm obsessed! So much helpful advice.

  3. Thank you, I'm so glad you like the blog! I absolutely love these Restricted pumps, and I wear them all the time, but they are prob the most uncomfortable shoes I own. They have them on the Sears website right now, but I would prob recommend finding another brand that would be more comfy!

  4. Hi Ms. J! really feel so good finding your site... i want to be more fashionable in terms of my office attires, pls give me some tips. i am 27 yrs old and i love to wear flat shoes when out(before&after the ofc. hrs.) of the office but wearing high heels when im in the office..pls help me manage some attire/clothing which surely not awkward with both kind of shoes i want to wear in a day and in one style of dress/clothes for a day...hope i can get a feedback from you.. thanks - Ally_

  5. Ally, I'm happy to help, just not sure what you are asking me? You want to transition your office clothes to looks to wear out after work, is that what you are saying?