December 6, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion: The Leopard Belt

This, ladies, is why I love belts so much. Amazing how such a small print can make such a big impact! And the belt actually cinches in the blazer and creates a new shape. Have you ever worn a belted blazer?

Photo left: My inspiration from Zara's website.
Occasion: Work
Blazer: Gap, $70
T-shirt: Forever 21, $12
Skirt: Banana Republic, $50
Belt: Urban Outfitters, $20
Brooch: Banana Republic, $15
Shoes: Restricted/, $39


  1. This is a great idea. I have a blazer that the button came off. I will so have to try this out.


  2. Prettyyy!

    p.s. I feel bad for all the women who work with you, you prob make them look like crap everyday hahaha :P

  3. this is totally chic and completely my style. classic! does the belt stay in place well?

  4. Thanks everyone!

    jjs, the belt stays perfectly in place thanks to my belting technique! :-) I recently did a video tutorial about it, check it out:

  5. I seriously never thought to belt a blazer! And I have a few that are a size too big- I'm going to try it!

  6. I love this's killin' me!

  7. Cute! I'm wondering about the movement of the jacket with the belt. Did it stay in place or shift around?

  8. SOO CUTE! I love all your skirts + blazers.
    I've bene looking for a navy blazer for so long (i'm a petite) but all I can find are boyfriend fit (even though they fit, i want a classic cut!) how are you so tanned?!?! LOL

  9. Ramnik, here's a link to an identical blazer from Gap. And my skin is naturally very olive, I'm Cherokee. :-)

  10. Hi J! I have the same Gap blazer and I was wondering how you clean it. The tag says wash and tumble dry low, but I'm worried that it's starting to look a little faded.


  11. I absolutely love this look. I just stumbled across your site and it's fantastic-- I love how you recreate looks from catalogs, website, etc. You've got great style!