December 16, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion: Saddle Up

I would love to spend a weekend "riding" in the English countryside. And I don't even like horses - I just want to wear equestrian clothes! ;-) Could be why I love this herringbone blazer so much. Paired with these boots, I'm almost ready to saddle up! (To see another way I wore this blazer, click here.)

Blazer: Urban Behavior, approx. $30
Shirt: Express, $30
Jeans: Gap, $44
Boots: Aldo, $75
Earrings: Urban Outfitters, $5

Also - be sure to check out "Shop J's Closet" tonight at 8pm ET! Six pairs of shoes, a leather handbag and tons of tops, most for $10 or less. Items will be posted to my Facebook page. Don't miss it!


  1. Great!!!

  2. What size are your shoes? I'm super excited!

  3. Thanks loves! :-)

    Daily Elle, the shoes are mostly too small for me, so about a size 9.

  4. Super Cute Outfit. Also I will be sure to check out what you are going to be sale.

  5. I am kicking myself right now. I used to own that EXACT blazer (from YEARS ago---when I was still in college) and it looks so cute on you...i donated mine to charity! at least someone is enjoying it :)

  6. Thanks Amy!

    Veronika, that is too funny! I've had this blazer for-ever too (at least 4 years), and even though it was really inexpensive I absolutely love it!!