December 27, 2010

Day-After-Christmas Shopping

The day after Christmas is definitely, without a doubt, the best day for shopping. I was at the mall shortly after it opened at 8am. I had a budget of $300 and was on a mission to find:
- flat, knee-high cognac boots
- a blazer
- a fuzzy sweater
- bracelets to wear with my new Michael Kors watch

Seven hours later, I spent $320 and wound up with everything I wanted on my list and then some! My best (and longest) shopping trip to date, you aren't going to believe some of these prices....

Our first stop was Banana Republic. They usually offer 50% off sale items before noon, so we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to browse. I bought:

1. Silk rosette trim dress in taupe, $55 (orig. $175)
2. Silk belted shell in cocoon, $35 (orig. $80) I paid only $15 by using a $20 Gap card reward.
3. New Years bracelet, $12 (orig. $30)
4. Inner circle bangle, $14 (orig. $35)
5. Not pictured - silver and gold bracelet, $16 (orig. $45)
6. Not pictured - gold and silver necklace, $20 (orig. $50)

We also found some great deals at J.Crew - they were offering an additional 30% off sale items. I bought:

1. Chalet popover in dark cypress, $28 (orig. $68)
2. Shimmer pocket tank in mossy oak, $7 (orig. $30)
3. Fine cotton shirt in mossy oak, $14 (orig. $65)

The other great deals I found were at Gap (they had 50% off sale items before noon), the LOFT (50% off everything all day long) and Bakers (buy one, get one 50% off the whole store).  Here are the remaining items I bought with my budget:

1. Gap always skinny cords in tomato, $17 (orig. $60) I've been wanting these for months.
2. Bakers leather boots, $90 (orig. $110) These are SO soft and fold over at the top.
3. LOFT wool blazer, $50 (orig. $128) Ummm... love.
4. Not pictured - LOFT diamond necklace, $15 (orig. $40)

Now it's your turn. Tell me what you found yesterday in the comment section or post pictures to my Facebook page!


  1. wow amazing deals and everything is so beautiful! I was actually looking at the "silk belted shell" top on banana's website, but it was way more than $35. I guess they have better deals in store

  2. Great Finds.

  3. I got snowed out :( but I did post about stuff I got for Christmas!!!

    My favorite is the ring my boyfriend gave me which also came with a necklace and earrings!!!
    Merry Christmas!!
    xo Camille

  4. My shopping trip was a total flop due to the blizzard that was coming our way and my wine and food hangover. HA! The line at BR was unreal though and just didn't have the patience to wait. I think I may have to visit J.Crew later this week before work. Also, can't wait to see your post with those red Gap cords. Been debating purchasing them. :) Have a good one!

  5. J, when you posted about the extra 50% off at Urban Outfitters, I hauled over to the one in downtown New Orleans that has an extensive sale section. I got a fedora to complete my new year's look for $5, as well as some great deals at Banana Republic (wool sweaters for under $20!), and a pair of leggings from NY&Co. for $8.00! I also got some warm weather maxi dresses from Macy's for $4.99 (I have a wedding in the Caribbean in August, and thought, "hey, I'll need some dresses for then!" So happy the sales are being extended though for those of us who weren't able to venture out due to the weather, etc...

  6. Your blog is absolutely amazing!! You inspired me to start my own:

  7. Lovin' those boots!! J.Crew was definitely not as cheap online, but still had some great deals...

  8. I also got cognac boots for christmas.. yay! can't wait to see how you wear yours! thanks for your blog! love it!

    btw-re: your shopping outfit..were those aldo boots comfortable enough to go crazy shopping day??

  9. Thanks for commenting everyone! I love reading about your shopping adventures. :-)

    Sarra, I noticed that too - Banana and Gap's prices are always WAY higher online for some reason!

    Anonymous, at the last minute I decided to wear my taupe lace-up boots from Forever 21. They have a lower heel than the Aldo ones and are easier to take off in the dressing room. It was a smart choice because by hour 6 of our shopping trip my feet were really starting to hurt! Next shopping trip I'll wear my new cognac beauties. They are SO comfy!!

  10. J - I love the jewelry from BR. They still have them online at great prices, but the reviews aren't that great. Are they nice in person......? I'm guessing yes or you wouldn't have purchased them.

  11. great work and great picks! :)

  12. Shelley, I noticed the reviews too, not sure what is up with that. I'm guessing the person paid full price and didn't feel the pieces were worth it. I think they are gorgeous and totally worth $10-15. I'll post a picture of my watch with the bracelets soon.

    Thanks Min!

  13. I did my day-after-Christmas shopping online, but I still found some great deals. I bought a knee-length khaki skirt from Lands End Canvas, a pair of Nine West Rocha heels in black leather from Amazon, and four bras from VS - all on sale!

  14. My best find yesterday was a three-quater length sleeve jacket at Target for only $2.50!

  15. I got 30% in Coach!!!!! I love it!!!!

  16. Wow, great deals! I had no shopping budget this year, so I enjoyed "shopping" through you. You got some great deals, girl! Can't wait to see what you do with the skinny cords.

  17. My son (4) picked up an awesome Jessica Simpson purse ($108) to play with the scanner nearby. He scanned it and it was on sale for $40.00!! My favorite post holiday buy!