November 21, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion: Sequins for Day

Okay, the secret is out: I love sequins. But I really don't think they should be reserved for special occasions. Take today's tank top (a recent find at TJ Maxx!)  - I paired it with some jeans and my army jacket for a casual look. No reason to not use your good china from time to time. :-)

Occasion: Church, errands (I also wore this to the FL Mall lunch last week - yes I repeat outfits and even sometimes in the same week, do you?)
Shirt: TJ Maxx/Chan Luu, $20
Jacket (left): Gap, $25
Jeans: True Religion, $145
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Chinese Laundry/DSW, $40
Earrings: Urban Outfitters, $5


  1. Super cute tank! I often have a problem with sequins coming off. Do you dry clean or hand wash?

  2. Gosh I always repeat outfits. I sometimes wear the same thing two days in a row *gasp* Mind you I don't have a huge amount of clothes, I just like wearing what I know looks good on me :-)

  3. Thanks everyone!!

    Erin, this particular shirt says to dry clean but usually I just carefully hand wash sequined shirts!

    Sportsgirl, I totally agree - I would rather wear something I love twice, rather than wear something I like less for the sake of not repeating!!

  4. I have a sequined cotton gray t-shirt from Express that I wore all Summer with very casual cargo pants and minis. People would always comment how dressed up I was - even though the rest of the outfit was so obviously NOT dressy!! haha... I guess sequins do that to people.

    Love this outfit, J!

  5. I repeat outfits:} good to know im not alone;P


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