November 9, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion: Schoolgirl Prep

There is really nothing I love more than a super-preppy look like this one. I've been drooling over the picture on the left from, so I decided to create my own version of this look. I didn't have any patches, so I pinned this gold brooch I recently picked up from Banana Republic onto my trusty Gap blazer to achieve the same look. Tell me - do you like the preppy look? What's your go-to style?

Navy blazer: Gap, $70
Skirt: J.Crew, $45
Shirt: H&M, $10
Brooch: Banana Republic, $15
Shoes: Restricted, $39

Photo left: My inspiration from 

Embellish your blazer with these options:
Aldo brooch, $16
Aldo patches, $10
Express brooch, $35


  1. Hi J! :) so i am a reader and i looove your site and your daily outfits. i am pretty far from the fashion scene and have never been trendy, although i am trying to buy more clothes that are more feminine/flattering. i have a question: do you know of any nude shoes that aren't very high heeled? i love the nude shoe look and have been trying to find a low heeled affordable version! any suggestions on where to look i would love! thanks :) and keep up the great work with your site.

  2. Love the preppy look, but I much rather prefer the business, pencil-skirt look; it's sexier and appropriate for work at the same time :)

  3. Are those shoes available anywhere?!? I absolutely love them.

  4. great recreation job!! i'm personally not a huge fan of the preppy look as i think it looks too stuffy and old-fashioned, but i like what you pulled off!


  5. I like the preppy look, but I like to make it a little funky with a piece or accessory that is not very prep! Like a graphic T with a skirt and blazer, or ripped jeans instead of a skirt. I also really like to add a menswear piece, like an actual men's shirt or sweater.

  6. I like the preppy look.

  7. my favorite outfit from you thus far. This is such a classic look, it'll never go out of style. Was there a change in CD at Talbots? I've been seeing a lot of looks from there and mistook it for J. Crew everytime.

  8. That skirt looks soo comfortable! I think this look is awesome and one that would be pretty easy to replicate because so many of these pieces are just basics. I agree with Sara C that it could be taken to the next level with something unexpected.

  9. Eeee!!! Awesome giveaway J.

    I like the Long Sleeved popcorn cocoon sweater except they only have one size left :(

  10. Definitely a bit of a prepster here--I love love love that jacket!

  11. Love your outfit but in like with the talbots your inspiration photo from this season?

  12. Thanks everyone!

    Lacey, I love this nude shoe option from Target:

    Anonymous, I don't believe my exact shoe style is still available, but here's another great option from

    Elle, I saved the inspiration photo from a campaign Talbots did in late summer/early fall.

    Kahtu, I totally agree that Talbots has improved and has almost a J.Crew vibe now!