November 4, 2010

Four Fall Jackets Every Girl Needs

This is my second guest blog post with Shecky' You can see it on their website here.

Fall jackets are a recurring conundrum, especially when you live in some southern cities where temps never drop to all-out-trench proportions. J to the rescue once again with the four best in-between jackets to get you through those Jekyll and Hyde fall Fahrenheits.

Green army jacket: Arguably the hottest item this fall, the green army jacket is also the most versatile. It works well with jeans, over a pencil skirt or even a ruffled mini skirt. (Coat pictured: Gap, $25)

Just like J:
1. Victoria’s Secret’s Belted Cargo Jacket, $69
2. Need Supply Co.’s Gi Anorak, $130
3. ASOS’ RECLAIMED T64  Hooded Drawstring Waist, $120

Trench coat: A trench coat is always in style and looks great thrown over work attire for an added layer of warmth and style. (Coat pictured: New York & Company, $50)

Just like J:
1. Gap’s Classic Trench Coat, $69.99

Leather coat: A leather jacket (whether faux or real) comes in many colors and works well with skinny jeans and heels. (Coats pictured: Forever 21, $40 - Banana Republic $150 - Banana Republic)

Just like J:
1. Old Navy’s Women’s Real Leather Motorcycle Jacket, $165
2. Express’ (Minus The) Leather Moto Jacket, $98

Wool coat: A short wool coat is a nod to the military trend and is perfect for keeping you warm on a chilly fall day. (Coat pictured: Forever 21, $30)

Just like J:
1. Ann Taylor Loft’s Military Wool Jacket with Ribbon Hem, $148
2. American Eagle’s AE Admiral Peacoat, $99.95
3. ASOS’ Vila Gold Button Jacket, $95

GIRL TALK TIME: What fall jacket are you sporting? How are you wearing it? Which one of J’s looks is your fave? What topic would you like her to cover next week?


  1. Love love love :)

  2. Great post! I have a Kenneth Cole trench that I love, and I just picked up the wool toggle coat from Old Navy.

  3. I would love to know where you got the jackets YOU are wearing? you are only offering similar versions in the links, correct?

  4. J can you do a feature on what to wear to holiday work parties? I am always over analyzing if it's ok to be all dolled up or not.

    and oops, i posted this twice (meant to post it on this post not the other!)

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Renee, you can see my outfit details on the Shecky's website, and these are all outfits I've already posted, so the details are also on my blog. But I just added where the coats are from to the post above!

    Anonymous, I did a post last week "what to wear to a winter wedding." I think those looks could be good if the work party is fancy enough. If it's not quite that fancy, then I would suggest something like this outfit:

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