November 13, 2010

Fabulous Finds: My New Boots

1. Aldo, $75 (I used a 10% off coupon)
I'm so in love with these boots and will pretty much be wearing them every chance I get. I don't normally go for faux leather but you seriously can't tell these aren't leather, and the price is phenomenal!
2. Cynthia Rowley/TJ Maxx, $85
I didn't own a pair of black boots, so I recently picked these beauties up using my TJ Maxx gift card.
3. Forever 21, $33
I earned enough with "Shop J's Closet" to pick up these boots too. I'm surprised at how comfy and high-quality they feel! (ps. They were online yesterday but seem to have disappeared, check out these similar booties.)

I only own two other pairs of boots so you will be seeing these new boots in tons of outfits! :-)


  1. Hey J where did you get the 10% off coupon for Aldo?

  2. Crush, if you sign up for emails they send you a 10% off coupon. I think it's only valid through this weekend though! It works online and in stores.

  3. Hey cant wait to see how you wear those boots from Aldos! I love them but I feel like my wardrobe options are limited

  4. I'm signing up for emails right now! And like Anonymous I want to see how you wear them too! What about a post with some different ways to wear them? I would LOVE that!

  5. i love the first ones!!


  6. I love those beige suede shoes, they are hot!

  7. I just got those Cynthia Rowley boot from Tj maxx today! Then i read you got them too! I couldnt pass them up either for 80$!

  8. Thanks everyone!

    Anonymous & Genevieve, I will be posting TONS of looks with these boots all winter, no doubt! :-)

  9. I like the black and the Carmel ones on the far right.

    I had been on the search for the perfect black booty for a year and just now find my ideal pair! On sale at nine west!

    Love chic heeled boots for wintery looks!


  10. Love your black boots. I just got an awesome pair of Cynthia Rowley boots at TJMAXX too. they are different than yours and cost $129.
    I love love love them!!
    you can see here: