November 26, 2010

Fabulous Finds: Black Friday Haul

I wound up braving the mall this afternoon just long enough to pop into New York & Company. Their 50% off everything promo was just too good not to pass up! Here's what I got:

1. Black sequin shirt, $22
I wound up returning the Forever 21 shirt from this post, which is good because this shirt is more flattering AND cheaper. Love!
2. Gold skirt, $25
I know, I know. You guys are probably sick of seeing gold sequins. BUT the skirt is so beautiful in person and the price was too good to pass up!
3. Peach cardigan, $24
So cute in person! Looks like it came from J.Crew.
4. Gold belt, $10
This belt looks awesome with the peach cardigan. Great price too!

What did you guys find today?


  1. i went to ny&co too.. great deals! i got a christmas present for my mom (nice layered tank top) and a pair of gold disk earrings.. all for less than $20! :)

  2. I got 4 shirt at Old Navy for my Sister.

  3. Got myself a cute pair of flats ($13) and a shirt ($18) with a pocket in the front. the pix don't do the shirt justice but its really cute it has buttons going down the back. (my cam died so couldn't add the back)

  4. i bought dress for my prom few weeks ago and I still dont know what i should do with my hair .Could u help me, please?And what about make-up?? I am blonde and I have blue eyes.Oh and i wear glasses.

  5. Anonymous, feel free to email me at if you have any questions. But depending on how long your hair is, you could do a cute spiral curl like Taylor Swift. Or, if you want to go more formal you could wear it up. For makeup I would keep it natural with a heavier eye to make them stand out behind your glasses. Maybe a slight blue tint to match the dress but definitely not too much blue eyeshadow! :-)

  6. I love the peach cardigan - on their website it shows the color called "Summer Watermelon" which looks different than the one you show. Is it just the lighting? :) Thanks!

  7. Anonymous, it looks like sold out of that color on the website. I think it was called peach, the watermelon is much darker!