November 22, 2010

Fabulous Find

Say hello to my new Juicy Couture purse! I purchased it for $115 a couple weeks ago at Neiman Marcus Last Call when they were doing an in-store promotion. It's $136 online right now, which is still a great deal. The strap can be adjusted to wear it cross-body or as a short shoulder-strap. This is a big purchase for me since I only buy one handbag a year, but it's way better in person and I couldn't resist the great deal! :-)  


  1. Great find! I purchased a Juicy Couture leather handbag at Nordstrom Rack years ago and still get tons of use out of it.

  2. Hi J,Love your blog,you have great tips into wearing your cloths in so many different ways!!

    This bag is great:)


  3. J, you should check TJ Maxx for this before you wear it in! We had pieces from the same collection at the one I work in for $80! I actually saw a houndstooth juicy bag at Lord and Taylor, we got them in at Tj's a week before! I love the leather Juicy they are so cute!! Great pick!

  4. What are the dimensions/size of the bag? Could you possibly post a pic "wearing" it? ;)

  5. Thanks everyone!!

    Camille, they had this bag at TJ Maxx but only in colors I didn't want (blue, purple) and it was actually the same price!

    Erin, it's a pretty large bag. It wraps all the way around me when I wear it cross-body. Planning to post some outfits with it soon! :-)

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