October 28, 2010

What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

This is my first guest blog post with Shecky's.com! You can see the post here.

Tip 1: Add velvet accessories (belt and shoes) to give your look a holiday feel.

Dress: Banana Republic, $75
Velvet belt: Urban Outfitters, $20
Wrap: Banana Republic, $15
Earrings: Banana Republic, $25
Velvet shoes: Bakers
Clutch: Jessica McClintock/Century 21, $15

Just like J:
1. Lulu’s Twilight Serenade One Shoulder Dress, $40
2. ASOS Lipsy Pleated One Shoulder Embellished Dress, $112
3. Arden B. Scalloped Sequin Belt, $39
4. Ann Taylor LOFT Velvet Ribbon Chain Belt, $35

Tip 2: Add a faux fur wrap. Not only is it fashionable, it will keep you warm too!

Dress: The Limited, $80
Faux fur wrap: The Limited, $25
Necklace: Banana Republic, $18
Shoes: Guess/Marshalls, $30
Clutch: Express, $10

Just like J:
1. Lulu’s Blaque Label Belle Pink Ballerina Dress, $101
2. Express Crossover Pleated Chiffon Dress, $98
3. ASOS Chiffon Bubble Hem Gathered Bust Dress, $58
4. Limited Brown Faux Fur Wrap, $40

Tip 3: Tie the straps of a halter dress around the front and into a bow, then add a brooch for a festive look.

Dress: Forever 21, $30
Brooch: Target, $10
Wrap: Banana Republic, $15
Shoes: Wild Pair
Clutch: Jessica McClintock/Century 21, $15

Just like J:
1. ASOS Ottoman Pleated One Shoulder Dress, $86
2. Express Opaque Stone Burst Pin, $29
3. Express Abstract Pave Flower Pin, $25

Tip 4: Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you can’t wear color! Jewel tones are great for winter weddings and celebrations.

Dress: Macy’s, $150
Necklace: Banana Republic, $30
Shoes: Bakers
Clutch: Jessica McClintock/Century 21, $15

Just like J:
1. ASOS Premium Large Rose and Chiffon Satin Dress, $112
2. Nordstrom Suzi Chin Maggy Boutique Stretch Satin Sheath Dress, $118


  1. I love this concept! What to wear to formal events in cold weather is a common challenge.

    I attended a wedding this fall and wore an outfit that could double for a winter ensemble. Check it out!


  2. I love the 2nd, but I can't resist the 3rd, so if I MUST choose one, then the 3rd is the winner!

  3. love the purple dress

  4. I have a fashion blog too, here:
    I wanted to follow you but as it seems google is experiencing problems cos I couldnt follow today any blogs :(
    I try again tomorrow!

  5. I love what you did with the halter top. so chic!

  6. Love the halter... so classy yet sexy!

  7. I have dress#2, I actually wore it to a wedding in the summer and it was comfortable and fun to dance in. I like how you accessorized it for winter :-)

  8. I love all the outfits! BUT, did you do any 'Cold Weather' outfits for people oh say, in the Midwest? lol The 30 degree weather and snow calls for a little more than a faux wrap sometimes :)

  9. Thanks everyone! This was a really fun feature to do. I love dressing up.

    Anonymous, I wore #2 in Boston in the dead of winter a few times. You just switch your heels for snow boots and put on a heavy coat when you're outsdie. Then when you get the wedding - voila! - you look like the picture. :-)

  10. I LOVE the idea of tying the halter straps into a bow in the front! Never would have thought of it, and it looks so chic! What a difference a small detail like that makes :) And the brooch is a perfect sparkly touch.

  11. I still love that purple dress!

  12. Thank you for this. I will be going to a wedding in two weeks and had no idea what to wear. These are all stylish and comfortable. I especially love the purple dress.

  13. Umm I LOVE your style. I can't even pick out a favorite of all these.

  14. Love the dresses you posted! There are so many affordable options out there for winter cocktail dresses and you don't have to stick to just black either! Check out these fab holiday dresses at www.yaniquesboutique.com


  15. Thank you so much for these ideas...I've been looking allover for a winter dress and I can't find a post just like yours..I'd rather see an actual picture rather than just read a text heheh! I will be attending a wedding in 2 months..this is very helpful. Thanks again! - kikaymama.blogspot.com