October 5, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

I previously wore this plaid shirt with cut-offs. (click here to view) Today I dressed it up for work. How do you wear plaid to work?

Occasion: Work
Shirt: Forever 21, $15
Pants: Banana Republic, $14
Belt: Forever 21, $4
Shoes: Restricted/Endless.com, $39


  1. This outfit definitely says Fall to me!! :)

  2. LOVE this outfit!

  3. Where I workd is business casual so I wear plaid with my sperrys for a little cute preppy outfit. I love this look though!

  4. Cute outfit! I love the dressy heels with the plaid top and capris.


  5. OK J i need your help asap! where can i get those black high waist leather shorts that almost every model is wearing on forever21.com i've been in the the store kept a look out online and NOW WHERE TO BE FOUND i am dying for them please help or if u can find similar ones under $40.00

  6. love love love. i saw these sort of pants in a new magazine and was thinking how my legs are way too short to pull it off. but you totally rock this look. and that shirt is super cute, makes me want to go hang out in the fall leaves. xo!

  7. Really liking this look! I like how the red belt pops and brings out the color details in the shirt. Great Carmel shoes to tie it all together.


  8. Thanks everyone!! Janetha, you can def rock this type of pants with shorter legs. Since you can roll them up or down, it's easy to get the "right" proportion for anyone.

    Anonymous, I know exactly which short you are talking about and unfortunately I think they sold out within a couple days online. F21 often brings back popular styles though so I would check "new arrivals" on the site every couple of days!

  9. oh bummer, but thanks will do