September 21, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

Occasion: Work
Blazer: Express
T-shirt: Gap, $10
Jeans: Gap, $30
Shoes: Delicious/Shoe Carnival, $10
Necklace: Forever 21, $5
Photo left: My stylish inspiration - Heidi Klum from

I've been noticing myself wearing a lot of red lately - a color I used to reallly shy away from. Are there any colors you've tried out lately and liked? Or are planning to try this fall?


  1. According to Iman, "red is the new black."

    Love the punch of color the shoe brings to the outfit. I even more like how you added the necklace that has a touch of red.

    Sometimes I feel like having bright shoes and color absolutely no where else can be random but even the tiny hint of red in your necklace helps tie it all together while still keeping the shoes as a statement piece. Nice!


  2. loving this look. i love a simple white v-tee. i like your version better as well.

  3. Great look, i love the blazer adnd red heels.

  4. I love this outfit! And I recently bought a mustard skirt that I'm excited to try.

  5. Love love your outfits..I have added your blog to my page favourites..and love going through your blog on a daily basis.

  6. super cute! I dont know that I could pull off that much white without attracting every spill in sight to me, but I LOVE the outfit!

  7. Love those red shoes! and for $10.00 bucks wow. Yes I'm really into Purple like never before and would like to introduce a lot more of that in my wardrobe. I tend to shy away from red except for my lips and toes nails...Love red for those.

  8. I like this color palette, especially the red shoes. I get compliments on my red peep toe pumps all the time. Great splash of color. The blazer looks good on you, but it isn't really my style. You're so thin, you can pull it off!

    I'm enoying mustand and gray this Fall. Yes, together! Looking for a leather mustard bag for the Fall.