September 15, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

Day #3 of our cruise was spent in Grand Cayman. We did a half-day excursion with Captain Marvin's  which included holding and feeding stingrays, and tons of snorkeling (I HIGHLY recommend them). I wore one of my favorite swimsuits (a tribal number I bought for another cruise), a cover-up from Forever 21 that I've also worn as a shirt and of course, my snorkel gear. ;-)

Occasion: Snorkeling in Grand Cayman
Swimsuit: H&M, $20
Sunglasses (below): H&M, $6
Cover-up (below): Forever 21, $30

^^ Doesn't the background look fake?! It's not. :-) For dinner that night, I wore a ruffled skirt and shirt with my new turquoise necklace:

A huge thanks to Lori McMinn, Stella & Dot Stylist, for the necklace! (I wore it several times throughout our vacation, I absolutely adore it) You can take a closer look at the necklace, plus tons of other awesome jewelry here.

Occasion: Dinner
Shirt: Forever 21, $22
Skirt: Urban Outfitters, $20
Shoes: Chinese Laundry/Piperlime, $34
Clutch: Express, $10
Necklace: c/o Lori McMinn, Stella & Dot


  1. Love your clothes!

    What do you do for workouts?

    You're really toned! I want to be that bikini confident.

  2. I love your blue ruffle top! Did you buy it recently? If so, I have to have it.

  3. our husbands seriously look SO alike! it's crazy! loving that top :)

  4. Thanks everyone!

    I got the blue shirt a few months ago. F21 recently re-made the same shirt though so you might be able to find it.

    Katy, that's too funny! My hubby has a twin!

  5. Hi! Just found your blog today - very cute! I love this skirt and outfit.

  6. do you go tanning or just lay outside, you are brownnnn baby. It looks SO great :)

  7. Thanks Chasing Davies, glad you like the blog!

    ME, definitely no tanning. I'm Cherokee so my skin is naturally olive. I hadn't been outside in a month before the trip, but I was outside allll week on our trip so I'm definitely quite tan at this point. :-)

  8. WOW amazing photos, especially the one featuring the Carnival cruise as your backdrop. I have been to a couple of Carnival cruises and they were a lot of fun, which one were you at, what places did it stop by? Love your dinner outfit, the textured ruffles kind of create a 2-fer dress.

  9. Thanks Ada! We went to Roatan, Cozumel, Belize and Grand Cayman. I highly recommend that cruise, it was awesome!