September 13, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

I'm baaaaaaaaackkkkk! :-) My break from the internet included a Caribbean cruise and I can't wait to share the pictures with you over the next 7 days (I took pictures of everything I wore). First things first though - a huge thank you to my friend Ashley for guest blogging all week. She did a phenomenal job, don't you think?!

Day #1
Occasion: Boarding the ship (above) and waving goodbye (with ice cream cone in hand) to Tampa
Dress: Forever 21, $13
Belt: Gap, $10
Fedora: Banana Republic, $20
Necklace: Banana Republic
Shoes: Chinese Laundry, $27
Purse: B.Makowsky/Macy's

After hanging out on deck for a couple hours and hitting the gym it was time for dinner. We headed outside first to catch the sunset and take some pics! This is one of several amazing sunsets we saw. Gotta love that Caribbean sky. :-)

Occasion: Dinner
Shirt: Limited, $30
Necklace: H&M, $10
Jeans: Gap, $30
Shoes: Chinese Laundry/DSW, $40
Clutch: Express, $10


  1. Is that shirt a recent Limited purchase? LOVE IT!

  2. Love your top! Does the Limited still sell the top you have on?

  3. Thanks everyone! I bought the Limited top two summers ago. They recently made an aqua dress of the exact same design, you may be able to find it in the store!

  4. You look great! Did you have tons of fun? I hope so...

  5. So happy that you're back!
    I love your dress, such a nice mix of colors, can't wait for the other outfits!

  6. Love the site! Thanks for leaving your URL on mine. Can't wait to get lots of ideas from you (love that dress you're wearing) and hopefully improve my wardrobe.

  7. you have been missed!!!
    lovely outfits

  8. Welcome back....Ashley was great!

  9. welcome back!! you were missed! Ashley did a good job too!

  10. Welcome back! Can't wait to see more cruise attire, we know you had to dress up for dinner at least once.

  11. LOVE the cruise pic's! And you and your beloved make a very cute couple! And YES - Ashley did a yeoman's job while you were vacationing - thank you for this fantastic blog!!!

  12. Thanks everyone!! So glad you are enjoying the vacation pics. 6 more days of dinner outfits (including 2 fancy nights) are coming soon!

  13. Picture-Perfect especially the picture with your hubby. Love both outfits especially the one with the assymetric orange top. I have that same Limited top and you are showing me a fun, sexy, evening-wear way to wear it. =)