August 23, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

Today's look is inspired by the J.Crew outfit above. How would you wear it?
1. Above right - I replicated with shorts for a fun weekend look.
2. Below left - How I'm wearing this look today to work!
3. Below right - Another option if skinny jeans aren't your syle. :-)

Khaki blazer: Banana Republic, $40
Aqua ruffled shirt: Banana Republic, $35
Leopard belt: Urban Outfitters, $20
Earrings: Banana Republic, $20
Nude peep toe shoes: Guess/Marshalls, $30
Cognac pumps: Coach/Marshalls, $75
Black shorts: Forever 21, $22
Black skinny jeans: Gap, $35
Black wide-leg pants: Express, $10


  1. I love the look with shorts and love how you adapted it for work!

    So, random question: Do you use a self tanner? Your legs are a gorgeous bronze color!

  2. I love the three styles (if it's not too much work, you should do this more often). Yay!

  3. I am loving incorporating shorts into dressier business looks. Nice job matching the look and providing alternatives for body shapes or even seasons!


  4. wow your legs are amazing!

    if you want u can visit my blog!!

  5. Did you get the pants from Express on sale? Silly question, I'm sure, but did you get them for only $10 on their own or with some coupons/deals? :) I love them!

    The shirt is just gorgeous on you!

  6. Thanks everyone!!!

    Teri, I don't use self-tanner. I'm Cherokee Indian so my skin is pretty olive and of course it's summer so I have a bit of a tan (but I do wear SPF!) :-)

    Mandy, the pants were SUPER-duper on sale from Express. I got them a couple years ago during one of those sales where they are just trying to get rid of everything. I don't love wide-leg pants on me, but for $10 I figured why not? :-)

  7. Hi there!

    All 3 are great looks. Did you just get the black skinnys from gap?


  8. Anonymous, I got the black skinnies last fall but I think they have a really similar style in the store right now.

  9. I love these outfits! Do you know if that shirt is still available at Banana or did you get it a while ago? Thanks!

  10. Love that you were able to give this 3 different looks. Love the blazer and ruffle top.

  11. ekaty, I got the shirt this spring, about 5 months ago so it would probably be fairly hard to track down. They have a shirt in their fall line that is the same color though:

  12. I love how the shorts look and hope to be able to pull it off one day! But for now, I would go with the wide leg pants because they are the most flattering for my body type - I am learning that makes all the difference. Lovin the options today!


  13. I'm loving all 3 outfits!!!!

  14. I like it but the belt is kinda too much