August 20, 2010

Battle of the September Issues

It's the battle of the September issues! Check out this great run-down from Refinery 29, and tell me:
- What magazines do you subscribe to?
- What's your favorite September issue so far?

My answers:
- Vogue, Elle, Instyle, Bazaar, Lucky, W (the last 3 I get for free with airline miles)
- I'm still waiting for Vogue and Bazaar to show up so it's too early to declare a winner! :-)

Out of the 6 magazines I subscribe to, Bazaar was my favorite September issue! So many inspiring outfit ideas, I'm still daydreaming about it. :-)


  1. Hi J,

    I have all three :) vogue is my #1 !!

  2. Glamour is the only mag I love! And the Sept issue is huge!

  3. The September issue of Lucky was one of my favorites. Loved Jessica Simpson's cover look, fitted camel suit jackets, and Tommy Hilfiger's classic line (the black Cape-Cod style sweater, jeans and boots especially).