July 9, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

Occasion: Work
Photo left: Another H&M tunic turned in a fun Friday work look!
Tunic: H&M, $10
Cami: Forever 21, $3
Skirt: Banana Republic, $35
Belt: Gap, $10
Earrings: Banana Republic, $20
Shoes: Chinese Laundry/DSW, $40


  1. I love that top! Great color. You have no idea how I wait at my desk every morning just to see what you're going wear Lol.

  2. LOL that cracks me up! I love it! It's such a girl thing though - don't we all check each other out at work and wonder where she got that? Kind of where I got the idea for the blog actually! I'm laying it out for everyone to see!! :-)

  3. Funny, I have this tunic in black and I was thinking of using it in a similar way I just wasn't sure if it would work. It totally Works!!

  4. Anonymous, that's awesome! So glad you were able to use something in your closet in a new way! I love it when that happens. :-)