July 7, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

Occasion: Work - It's hard to shake the feeling of being on vacation, so I turned to the most comfy outfit I could think of - pants that feel like pjamas and flat sandals! :-)
Cardigan: Banana, $12
Shirt: Banana, $35
Earrings: Banana, $25
Pants: Gap
Shoes: SE Boutique/DSW, $35


  1. you always seem to find great items for less at Banana Republic. This never happens for me =( Do you normally just head for the sale items?

  2. Hi Shana, yes one of my mantras is to never pay full price! (although that includes using a coupon sometimes) I just bought the sweater last week - right now is great time to shop because stores are putting out their new fall lines. Also, at Banana some of the best sales are not in the sale section so look around the store for "sale" signs! :-)

  3. Tres chic. i used to be teased for my love of white. even to the office. but you have encouraged the behaviour. lovely soft palate.

  4. I love this color combination, so fresh and summery!

  5. Tammyanka, I am ob-sessed with wearing white if you haven't noticed! :-)

    Elizabeth, thank you!!