June 27, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

Occasion: Errands/recovering from last night :-)
Dress (worn as shirt): H&M, $15
Hoodie: Express (old)
Shorts: Abercrombie, $50
Belt: Gap, $10
Shoes: DSW/Chinese Laundry, $27

Photo left: My stylish inspiration from WhoWhatWear.com


  1. Very nice. I love the look.

    Hope you would visit my blog soon.

  2. J, you should totally write a book or something, or try youtube videos maybe styling a friend for events like a job interview, first date, etc. People have definitely got their eye on you and I know you can be even more successful than you are now if you really wanted to be! I'll be your first volunteer for your styling skills!


  3. I would also love if you did a blog on staple items every girl should have in her closet. Those pieces that will always be there for you and that are versatile. Maybe top 10 things every girl should have in her closet? That'd be a great video too =)

  4. Hi !! I don't speak english, but portuguese and spanish, sorry. I ask you: me gustaría saber qué ejercicios haces para tener unas piernas tan bonitas? Gracias por tus ideas tan fashion !!

  5. Helping Cristina out... "what exercises do you do to have such fabulous legs? Thank you for your great fashion ideas"

    De nada ;)

  6. Thanks everyone! And thank you Shana for your suggestions and vote of confidence! It would be great if this little blog project turned into a career (right now I work in marketing).

    About my legs: I get this question a lot, but I don't really do anything special. I've been a runner off and on for the past 6 years, but haven't been running since March because of a knee injury. I think wearing heels helps tone your legs, but I also have my mom to thank - she has great legs to this day! ;-)