June 25, 2010

Today's Everyday Fashion

Occasion: Work
Shirt: Forever 21, $8
Skirt: Limited, $25
Sunglasses: H&M, $6
Purse: B.Makowsky/Macy's
Shoes: DSW/Chinese Laundry, $40
Necklace: Banana Republic

Left: Lauren Conrad's chic outfit from InStyle.com (and my inspiration to try a T-shirt with a pencil skirt! I think it's surprisingly cute, don't you?)


  1. I wear pencil skirts like it's my job, and this outfit makes me want to try them super casz. You honestly look better than LC!

  2. Thank you Mariel! I wear pencil skirts a lot too - and wasn't sure if this would look right since my skirt isn't flowy like LC's. But I was surprised at how cute it is! :-)

  3. i LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes and i cant find them ooor anything similar to them...any ideas?

    p.s i love your blog! i came across it, now im HOOKED! thanks

  4. Thank you!! Krista, here is a link to the shoes and a bunch that are similar: http://www.like.com/all/fef47abd26e16b08e898374b7ff5f6d9f47107a2-b7f21f1dddb89d8b

  5. Do you tan? I dont know if Id look as good in white as u do lol ;)

  6. Hi Anonymous, I don't tan but I live in Florida and spend a lot of time outside! I'm also part Cherokee so my skin tends to be pretty olive. I think most everyone can wear white though - maybe it's just a matter of finding the right shade of white?

  7. Love the look! I'll try my version later since I have similar pieces. Could I re-blog yours then?

  8. Absolutely Mix and Match! Would love for you to include a link, but would be honored.


  9. Thanks. J. My pleasure definitely.

  10. You ara a fashion twin of Lauren Conrad here and it's a compliment since I adore her style. You are so chic in your nice pencil skirt styled with a cute and simple white tee.