June 2, 2010


Me and my fashionable friends at SATC2 last week!!
Dresses from left to right: H&M, Forever 21, H&M, H&M
Shoes from left to right: Urbanog.com, Aldo, Macy's, Forever 21


  1. your freidnds are so good looking!! espically that blonde on the end! i love her long hair :) !!!hha

  2. Love those blue shoes!!!! HOTT!!

  3. You ladies all looked beautiful for this lovely premiere. My favorite outfits are #1 Yours (of course) - what a bright and sunshiny dress and gorgeous turquoise pumps as well. My second favorite outfit is the girl wearing the coral dress from Forever 21, it's cute and Unique. I also love the tunic Black & White Ikat H&M Tunic Dress but maybe it's a little subdued for such an event. Your other friend's dress is cute but I see it better for an outdoors summer wedding than SATC premiere. =) You have the best shoes on, too. The Forever 21 and Aldo Gladiator Stilettos are hot, too, though.